23 January 2012

Misfit Blog Train

The first Misfits Blog Train has left the station!

Here's my portion of the Misfit Blog Train, you can download it HERE

Alika http://alikasscraps.blogspot.com

Annu http://annuzattair.blogspot.com

April http://charmedcowgirltagsandtutorials.blogspot.com

Audrey http://woodlandfantasies.blogspot.com

Beth-Ann http://dazzledbybeth-ann.blogspot.com

Carrie http://carriesconcoctions.blogspot.com

Deb http://creativebynature1.blogspot.com

Dee http://deessigndepot.blogspot.com

Dwana http://dwanadesigns.blogspot.com

Gem http://fairygemcreates1.blogspot.com

Heidi http://scottishbutterfly.blogspot.com

Julie http://juliesjazziness.blogspot.com

Justine http://madebyjustine.blogspot.com

Kaci http://scrappinkrazydesigns.blogspot.com

Kandi http://kandikisseztagz.blogspot.com

Kat http://blissfullybeth.blogspot.com

Kristin http://toxicdesirez.blogspot.com

Leah http://amyleahsgimptastictuts.blogspot.com

Lesia http://deadlydesiretagz.blogspot.com

Mavy http://maverickskraps.blogspot.com

Melissa (Rabidbunny) http://rabiddesignz.blogspot.com

Nicole http://jbs2designs.blogspot.com <-- you are here

Nikki http://creativeintentionz.blogspot.com

Pam http://kaotickreationz.blogspot.com/

Punky http://punkybuttstutorialsii.blogspot.com

Sam http://tutorials.digital-scrapbooking-sigtags.com

Savage http://rednecktuts.blogspot.com

Scarab http://scarabscrap.blogspot.com

Sharon http://dazzlindesignz.blogspot.com

Sheila http://sheilasinsanity.blogspot.com

Simone http://scrappybitoffun.blogspot.com

Staci http://dezignsbystaci.blogspot.com

Tasha http://tashasplayground.blogspot.com

Vix http://vixpsp.blogspot.com

17 January 2011

Template 116

I finally managed to make a new template!
You can grab it here

28 May 2010

Skull Templates

I'm making my way back to designing again. Haven't had a lot of spare time since DH is still deployed. But I managed to design a few templates for snagging. Just click the image to download :)

01 April 2010

Blog Train - 80s Flashback

The time has FINALLY come to take a step back in time!!

The Goodie Train has gone rectro with the 80's Flashback month!
Grab all these totally awesome kits for FREE on or after April 1st!

*Please remember that every designer is in a different time zone and their kits may not be available at the same time.
So bookmark the blogs and check back later!

And snag the rest of the kits from the amazing designers listed only at the Goodie Train's Official Blog
Click preview to download